Le sfide dell’aria in piccola scala

The air, defined as a combination of oxygen, nitrogen, and small quantities of other gases that surround our Planet and form its atmosphere, can also be considered as one of the main materials used in various sectors, from packaging to sport, from automotive to safety.

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Terra, dimore di risorse in via di estinzione?

Observing many different realities that act to preserve our roots, it is important to start questioning the value of the past for the future of the Planet. Dynamic preservation, rediscovery of old processes and cultural heritage, increasing of archaic awareness, could be key values for future innovations?

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Implicit sustainability VS communicated sustainability

Magazine: GRAPHICUS, N. 1071 / 0003, ISSN 2282 4545 2014 Author: Beatrice Lerma How can we evaluate perception of the sustainability of products? The methods and techniques of cognitive ergonomics are a scientific method to evaluate the user’s perception based on...

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