Rivista: Atti e Rassegna Tecnica – Volume 76 – pg.148-154- ISSN 0004-7287
Autori: Beatrice Lerma, Doriana Dal Palu’, Claudia De Giorgi, Noemi Emidi

Today, the field of the culture of materials for design is a variegated and multi-form discipline: this context, in fact, is investigated through different methods, methodologies and approaches, belonging to sciences and knowledge that are often very distant from each other, such as disciplines of technical-scientific areas and humanities. The materials (for the project) are, in fact, investigated mainly by two types of knowledge, a more technical one and a more aesthetic-sensorial one. The article will focus on the latter, paying particular attention to the senses of touch, hearing and smell, as “tools” for the designer looking for the correct design of their user experience, perception, emotion and reaction when interfacing with them.

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