Allemandi Editore – ISBN 9788842225256
Autori: Claudia De Giorgi, Beatrice Lerma, Doriana Dal Palù

Ten years of research in the world of materials for design

The culture of materials for design and the new trends in which it plays a leading role today are analysed with an exploratory look, ranging from innovation in the world of materials and new production technologies to the Third Mission of the University, through which researchers can play a fundamental role in territorial development. The volume presents the research activities of the MATto material library of the Politecnico di Torino from 2010, the year of its first consultancy service, set up with the support of the Turin Chamber of Commerce to boost and support the innovation of local manufacturing companies, up to the current and renewed offer of services: an in-depth knowledge of local realities is the necessary prerequisite to start new synergic cooperations, and materials become a pretext to reflect on the project and talk to companies about the development of their products, in order to start virtuous research. The research activities are therefore presented as a technical-scientific dissemination tool to share the directions of materials culture for design with manufacturing companies, other research institutions, potential partners for future projects and scholars from the world of design and materials

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