Rivista: Officina* – Volume 19 – pg.48-51 ISSN: 2384-9029
Autori: Beatrice Lerma

This contribution deals with the innovation introduced by air in many products and productive processes. The air, defined as a combination of oxygen, nitrogen, and small quantities of other gases that surround our Planet and form its atmosphere, can also be considered as one of the main materials used in various sectors, from packaging to sport, from automotive to safety. An overview on the several applications in which the air plays an important role is outlined in order to point out the most important properties and characteristics of this “material”. The air, in fact, has load-bearing capacity and properties of containment, protection and shock-resistance; moreover, the air can be controlled, compressed or contained. The contribution presents some specific case studies of products and processes as a model for designers to develop innovative projects in which the air is leading. e air represents a “new- ancient material” available to designers for facing new small and big design challenges.

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