Rivista: Officina* – Volume 20 – pg.32-37 – ISSN: 2532-1218
Autori: Doriana Dal Palù

Endless as the stone. How many times have we heard people speaking about stone and associating attributes such as solidity, immutability, and continuity along the time passing by to this material? Nevertheless, stone, the same material that, among few others, has changed humans life, allowing us to build tools and instruments, and shelters, a such plentiful material to be expected to be inexhaustible, is considered today as a noble resource, a non-renewable one and, in some cases, even almost exhausted. How has the relation between stone and project changed until today then? This very traditional material has acquired nowadays a very high-tech appearance, it has turned from heavy to incredibly lightweight, from a monolithic to an impalpable one such a powder, from extremely tough to soft as a cloth, to fluid as liquids. From the luxury icon to a hygienic material, from sculpted to shaped, to moulded: this article offers to the reader an overview on the last stone-derived materials and technologies for the design project.

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