Rivista: Officina* – Volume 20 – pg.26-31 – ISSN: 2532-1218
Autori: Valentina Coraglia, Claudia De Giorgi

Banks of seeds to rediscover and save vegetal species that lived on the Earth many years ago. Protected areas to preserve landscapes and animals. Catalogues to archive the resources of the Planet. Libraries to store and transmit extensive knowledges. Museums. Workshop to spread and support cultural heritage. We are running out resources.
Observing many different realities that act to preserve our roots, it is important to start questioning the value of the past for the future of the Planet. Dynamic preservation, rediscovery of old processes and cultural heritage, increasing of archaic awareness, could be key values for future innovations? Which is the role of design in rediscovering and preserving resources, ancient materials, old processes and cultural heritage?

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